Bunny Man - Lost Souls (PC game)

Horror game based on the urban legend: Bunny man (see on Wikipedia: wikipedia.org/wiki/Bunny_Man)
You have to play with headphones and in a pitch black environment because the game relies heavily on shadow and sound play.


Player movement: WASD and mouse
Strike match: F
Run: Left shift
Jump: Space bar
Crouch: C
Quit game: Esc
Rescue victims souls: just pass through them in the correct order
Hint: what you hear is the key to finish the game!
Display Frames per Second: Keyboard number 0 (performance: bellow 30 is bad)

Download (Windows):

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Bunny Man concept design by: Estevão Mendes
Sound effects: www.freesound.org
Game and Level design, Character, FXs, programming by: Leocesar